Our organization focuses on provided education about the cultivation of herbs and their uses. Growing and Marketing Herbs, Herbal Products and Herbal Know-How. The emphasis is on growing and using fresh, organically grown herbs.

Culinary and Aromatic Herbs - Growing, Harvesting, and Using Culinary Herbs and it’s marketing, production, and economics of herbs.

Dried and Fresh-Cut Flowers - Prep, planting, watering, harvesting, and preserving fresh-cut and dried flowers. Specialty cut flower production has the potential to increase income for both small and large farms. It covers production basics, harvest and post-harvest handling, business planning and record keeping, and resources for further information.

We also help in identifying best suitable crops for your site according to site features and provide best variety planting material (Seeds, Seedlings, Rhizhomes, Stem Cuttings, Suckers, Runners, Slips etc), biofertilizers & free of cost online consultancy for entire crop duration. Interested farmers/ land owners may please contact us.

Note: Market Price for Herbs and Essential Oils is volatile and the economics may vary.