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Guidelines for Spices

Order the Spices well ahead of the time it is needed.

  • We may not have stocks of the Spices you need. Knowing the quantity of Spices orders in advance, allows us to collect and ship Spices in time to meet your needs.

Provide the following information.

  • Your detailed address (street and number, city, district, province, country, postal code, telephone and facsimile number, email, and name of contact person).
  • The most reliable form of shipping (surface mail, airmail, courier) to your location.
  • The quantity of Spices required.
  • Specify the type of Spices storage facility available to you.

Confirm your Spices order as soon as possible.

  • After receiving confirmation from us, confirm your Spices order (species and quantities of Spices) as soon as possible. Complete and return any Spices order form that is required.
  • Provide all the details listed in number 4 above again, so the information is easily accessible to us.
  • Make an advance payment if required and specify the mode of shipping you prefer.

After receiving Spices.

  • Acknowledge that you received the Spices.
  • Make any remaining payment as agreed.
  • Applications for the import/export permits should include the following information : purpose, species, quantity, source of Spices, and country of origin/destination.
  • Imported Spices should be accompanied by a certificate of origin, certification of quality, and phytosanitory certificate.